North Texas Crime Commission

Cyber Crime Committee


Members exchange valuable intelligence on current and emerging cyber crimes, malware and online scams. The ability of federal state and local officials to have access to top engineers and researcher from private security firms and researchers from academia improve their effectiveness.  Monthly meetings include updates from Federal, State, and Local Enforcement Agencies:

US Attorney's Offices

District Attorneys' Offices

US Secret Service                           






Texoma HIDTA                             

Local Police Departments

Fusion Centers:  Dallas PD &   Collin County         


 The committee provides cyber training for police officer to improve investigation and evidence handling.

University of North Texas Professional Leadership Program


The purpose of the program is to give exposure to skills needed in preparation for the complex world of employment. PLP provides students with the opportunity to meet with representatives from the corporate community and to attend the same training programs that are required for professionals in a wide variety of businesses and industries.

DFW IT Roundtable

Our purpose is to bring maximum value to our clients by working with like-minded professionals in the IT services industry to develop a complete roadmap of the IT value chain for the companies we serve.

Thought Leadership

Business Architecture

Technical Architecture

Allies in Service

Our Programs

Allies in Service provides employment support and referral services to service members, veterans and their spouses in the DFW area. Assistance is offered in the following areas:

Resume Writing— Translate the military to civilian experience so employers can see the transferable skills that you offer

Mock Interviews— Provide opportunities to practice interviewing with business professionals and employers and to receive valuable and immediate feedback

Career Coaching—Assist in evaluating new career choices and options

Career Leads and Referrals— Provide solid career leads and advocate on your behalf with employers who are military friendly

Mentorship— Accept applications for the opportunity to receive mentoring from executives with a variety of companies in the DFW area through our Warrior Mentorship Program

Assistance in education, housing and healthcare is also provided as needed.




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